04. August 2017

The Diakon candleholder is exhibited at the exhibition Everyday Life – Signs of Awareness at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

5. August 2017 - 5. November 2017

Curated by the danish designer Cecilie Manz and chief curator Hiromi Kurasawa.


20. August 2015

Formland interior fair#

04. June 2015

EHR Studio will be present at the interior fair Formland in the danish city Herning 13-16. August 2015. The stand is located in area "E" as a part of Nordic Buzz.

Candle holder in tv show #

04. June 2015

The danish interior tv show I hus til halsen, chose the grey stilleben edition candle holder as a product in their makeover.

I hus til halsen

Nominated as the upcoming designer 2015#

23. October 2014

I'm proud to announce that I have been nominated in the category upcoming designer 2015 by the swedish design prize "Årets Rum 2015".

It's a big honour to be nominated in this category among such talented designers.

BoligLiv christmas edition with diakon candleholder#

16. October 2014

The diakon candleholder special edition for Stilleben makes it to the frontpage of BoligLiv

Pink version of the candle holder featured in Bobedre#

25. September 2014

The pink edition of the candle holder is shown in the autumn news section of magazine Bobedre.

Special edition candleholders for Stilleben Shop#

01. September 2014

The diakon candleholder is made in a special edition for Stilleben Shop.

Now with four different colours at the base and a hand polished holder at the top this version can only be bought at Stilleben.

Copper candle holder featured in Bolig Liv#

21. August 2014

The copper diakon candle holder is featured in the autumn issue of Bolig Liv.

Bo Bedre selects Diakon for wedding gift#

31. May 2014

The scandinavian design magazine Bo Bedre selects the diakon candle holder for a perfect wedding gift. "Simple and elegant both in brass and copper".

Featured in Icon#

01. April 2014

An article in one of the world's leading design and architecture magazine, Icon, about the Olympic Souvenir.

Magazine feature#

01. March 2014

The brass Diakon candle holder is featured in the danish interior magazine RUM, the march issue. Chosen as #1 accessorize for small homes.

Olympic Souvenir featured at WIRED magazine#

06. February 2014

The renowned magazine Wired has made an article about the Olympic Souvenir and how the olympic s needs souvenirs as classy as these.

Link to article: http://www.wired.com/design/2014/02/student-designed-olympic-souvenirs-clever-corny/

Link to project: http://www.emilhjorthrohde.dk/projects/olympic-souvenir


01. February 2014

The black Diakon candle holder is featured in the danish interior magazine RUM, the february issue. An article regarding black as the color that brings tranquility and silence.

Olympic Souvenir featured at Disegno#

10. January 2014

Disegno made an article with an interview with me about my olympic souvenir, that has been chosen to be produced by the Olympic Museum.

Link to article: http://disegnodaily.com/news/ecal-and-the-olympic-museum

Link to project: http://www.emilhjorthrohde.dk/projects/olympic-souvenir